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MSM “Jumps the Shark” by Joe Day, Portland Tea Party

April 19, 2009

by Joe Day, Portland Tea Party

Just in case you weren’t sure whether media bias is real – have you seen the TV coverage or newspaper stories about our little parties? The AP said “tens of thousands” turned out across the nation. Our own local affiliates reported the parties in Portland and Salem as gatherings of malcontents with disparate goals. The Oregonian pegged the crowd at Pioneer Courthouse Square at “over a thousand.”

I have finally been personally involved in an event which was misreported and spun to fit a preexisting scheme of the story. I have witnessed one event, and seen another in the news. From the local paper straight to the major networks, not one of them cared to properly report the size, the scope, the goals, the message, and most importantly, the stunning success of these events. How could that be? KGW, for instance, broadcasts live daily from the very square where we massed, at the very time we began.

We know what happened. We know why we were there. We know that we were not recruited by Sean Hannity or ginned up by Fox News. We know what kind of people were there. We know how we got there. We know our motivations and our goals. We know that we are neither the disparate group of malcontents the media made us out to be, nor the right-wing extremists decried by Janet Napolitano, nor the group of George W. Bush mourners the sad little counter-protest group at the southwest corner of the square were expecting.

Most importantly, we know beyond question that if our fourth estate cannot be trusted to report the truth about who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing, they cannot be trusted to report the truth about anything, for we make no secret of our motives. And furthermore, we know that their refusal to tell the truth about us reveals two telling things: their stubborn insistence to tell things as they see them, or would like their readers and viewers to believe them to be, rather than as they are; and their shuddering fear at our power and our unity.

They are scared, my friends. We have scared them into revealing who they really are, and this psychological edge is too precious to waste.

Joe Day

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