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April 14, 2010

Clear Graphic of the subversion of our constitutional process by President Obama:  Click the link.

Obama’s Secret Power Grabs

By Phil Kerpen


President Obama seems to believe that most of his sweeping agenda to transform the country can be accomplished without even a vote of Congress.

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Poll: Majority says Dem health care tactics an ‘abuse of power’ | Washington Examiner

April 2, 2010

A new Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans believes Democrats abused their power by using procedural shortcuts and controversial parliamentary tactics to pass the new national health care makeover. And in a striking finding, slightly more people blame the Democrats’ tactics than Republican criticism for the threats of violence and vandalism that were reported after the bill’s passage.

via Poll: Majority says Dem health care tactics an ‘abuse of power’ | Washington Examiner.

Fuel Efficiency CAFE standards helped kill my Dad

April 1, 2010

On Friday, July 19, 2002 my Dad hosted a large family reunion that included his brothers, children, grandchildren and one great grandchild.  On Sunday, as we met for a final meal at Moe’s restaurant in Florence, Oregon, I made a point to look my Dad in the eye and tell him that I loved him- he seemed really pleased by that.  My wife and I left that afternoon to visit her parents in Eugene, Oregon, about an hour or so away.  The next day my Mom called me and told me that she had some bad news for me: “Your father is dead.”   The image came to my mind of a curtain closing at the perfect and proper time.  It’s been almost eight years since I heard those words, and sometimes I still miss him more than I ever did.
For some odd reason immediately after the accident, I found myself replaying my Dad’s final scene on this earth over and over in my head.  Perhaps it was too terrifying to face the knowledge that I had no power to bring him back- maybe that is why I kept imagining his final moments as his car drifted off the road just east of Ellensberg, Washington (he was returning to his home in Pennsylvania after the reunion), his belated attempt to fix his mistake, and the over-correction that caused the new Ford Ranger pickup he was driving to roll over and over again- partially crushing the cab, dealing him a mortal head injury and trapping him inside the vehicle.  That was the scene I played over and over again.  Looking back, maybe it was a way to gain the illusion of some control- hitting the replay button on the scene that the paramedics described to my relatives, and that they relayed to me.
Since the cab of my Dad’s truck was not completely crushed (he was alive when other drivers came on the scene a short time later, although he died en-route to the hospital), its seems reasonable that a little bit of extra metal in cab structure would have kept the metal away from his head as the truck rolled (he was wearing his seat belt).  But that extra metal was missing, because of emission standards mandated in 1975:

The evidence is overwhelming that CAFE standards result in more highway deaths. A 1999 USA TODAY analysis of crash data and estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that, in the years since CAFE standards were mandated under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, about 46,000 people have died in crashes that they would have survived if they had been traveling in bigger, heavier cars.  This translates into 7,700 deaths for every mile per gallon gained by the standards.

via Why the Government’s CAFE Standards for Fuel Efficiency Should Be Repealed, not Increased | The Heritage Foundation.

According to these well-researched estimates, 7,700 people had to die over the course of 26 years for EACH mile per gallon reduction in the standards mandated by an ill-thought out law passed in 1975.  Now the standards have been raised again- and there is no evidence that once the new standards are implemented that the bar will not be raised again.

Many fathers, mothers, grandparents and children, aunts and uncles have died since 1975 because of the failure of politicians to consider human life in their calculations of fuel economy.  In 2002, my own father became part of those terrible statistics.  Whose child or mother or father will have to die during the next 25 years because a selfish politician decided to arbitrarily reduce the standards again?  Will it be yours?

Walter E. Williams : Conflict or Cooperation –

April 1, 2010

Walter Williams has a clear explanation of how limiting government can reduce conflict in society.  In this current hyper-partisan climate, it is useful information.  The short article at the link is worth a read:

“in the United States, there was little to be gained from being a Frenchman, a German, a Jew, a Protestant or a Catholic. The reason it did not pay was because for most of our history, government played a small part in our lives.”

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Six years of healthcare for the price of ten!

March 18, 2010

The Congressional Budget Office just released preliminary cost numbers for the Democrat’s Healthcare bill (HR-3590). Expenditures follow a “Z” pattern- insignificant expenses for the first four years (since benefits will not be paid for those years). Then expenses increase steeply for the next four years, and then level off for the last two years.
If you bought a car that you could pay off in four years at $300 per month, would you be excited about a counter-offer of ten years of payments at $300 per month to get the same car? That is the deal that the Democrats in congress are “offering” to the voters this weekend. They are offering six years of healthcare for the price of ten years of payments. During the first four years they will over-collect 102 billion dollars by raising taxes and raiding Medicare. They promise that they will hang onto this money and spend it on healthcare from 2015 to 2019. They will be taking this money out of the economy in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. The CBO did not factor lost productivity into their cost equations. A construction company with a net worth of only 100,000 can easily generate one million dollars in revenue each year. By some estimates, every year that 102 billion dollars is missing from the productive sector and languishing in government coffers costs our economy over one trillion dollars of economic turnover- and 300 billion of that is lost revenue. That lost revenue will not show up on the CBO scorecard, but will translate into real pain as unemployment devastates more lives.
Of course if you don’t accept the Democrat’s offer, you will be fined and/or jailed. Also, your children and grandchildren will be fined and jailed if the Democrats in Congress are successful in twisting their own rules into pretzels, and violating our Constitution. It’s the “Chicago Way”.

Pajamas Media » Democrats Must Face the Music

May 30, 2009

2010 is coming!

From Pajamas Media:

Democrats have lined up behind a popular president in 2009. But in 2010 Obama’s poll numbers may be considerably lower and, in any event, do little to insulate them from an angry electorate. After all, “the gold standard is going to be the jobs number.”

Gateway Pundit: Recruiting Heroes- Memorial Day 2009

May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day.

Michael Booker


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